The Heart O’ The Mountain Vineyard

Located 1500 feet above Monterey Bay on an estate steeped in rich history and tradition.

The Heart O’ The Mountain vineyard lies deep in the heart of the Santa Cruz Mountains on an old estate rich in history and tradition. Planted exclusively to Pinot Noir and sitting 1500 feet above Monterey Bay, the cool nights and warm days create ideal growing conditions. South-facing rows on siltstone and shale soils flow harmoniously with the steep topography and surrounding natural terrain.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to sustainability from vine to table, and to being good stewards of the land for future generations. Our goal is to elevate the purest expression of the very special terroir of this estate.

The vineyard is dry-farmed as much as possible, with minimal irrigation only when necessary. We value the lower yields of more concentrated and intense fruit produced by this method. Organic inputs feed the soil and vines, and no synthetic chemicals, additives, or animal-based products are ever used in the winery. Our bottles are finished with innovative cork closures, and we long ago stopped using foil, which is a nice decorative touch but has no bearing on wine quality and sits forever in the landfill. 

Our labels are inspired by the esoteric sciences, with the seed of life on every bottle. The artwork incorporates the five elements, Chinese astrology and sacred geometry, the patterns through which we view the world and through which our wine evolves as a living creation to its fullest potential.


In 1880, a California pioneer by the name of Pierre Cornwall and his wife Sada hiked from Glenwood, a small Santa Cruz Mountain retreat, over the southern slope of Mt Roberta and looked out over a vast, rugged mountainside that stretched out under a redwood blanket until it vanished into the Monterey Bay. The acreage on and around Mt Roberta’s southern slope had it all: a view of the bay, cooling fog, seclusion, and unmatched natural beauty. In 1881 they purchased the property and named it Heart O’ The Mountain. According to county records, they paid $500 for the 85 acre parcel. By 1887, Mr. Cornwall had established the vineyard and Santa Sada winery on the property, where the family produced wine until prohibition.

In 1940 Heart O’ The Mountain was purchased by renowned director Alfred Hitchcock. The Hitchcock family used the property as their second home, and entertained Hollywood’s elite at the mountain estate. Reportedly Hitchock wrote the screenplay for The Birds there. Members of the family are still in the Armitage wine club today. 

In 1978, the Robert Brassfield family acquired the estate. The Brassfields have taken great care to preserve the historic estate much as it was during Hitchcock’s era and before, so much so that it feels like a trip back in time. The Brassfields produced their own label on the estate for many years until Brandon Armitage and Armitage Wines took over winery and vineyard operations in 2014.

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